Friday, November 11, 2011

Monty and the Great Doxie Sleep Over (oh, and the yucky bacon incident)

On Wednesday, Papa's good friend Jim came out to spend a few days and brought his Doxies with him: Snoopy and Mrs. Weenie.

It was The Great Doxie Sleep Over!  Yup, four three little doxies and one, ahem, slightly larger doxie in da house!  Woop woop woop!

It was actually quite fun.  Everyone got along just fine, especially Monty and Mrs. Weenie.  Monty thought she was just pretty darn cute, and Mrs. Weenie was saying, "Right back atcha, big boy!" with her eyes.  Snoopy is actually more interested in our cats, four of which were trying to wander around the house; Ethel is our second oldest senior kitty and she stays exclusively in Mama and Papa's room.  Her health is quite delicate and she doesn't need a 25lb Doxie to sit and stare at her for hours on end.

Roll call:  Monty (on the left) and Bruiser are seen snuggling above on Mama's lap in the Big Chair.  Bruiser is starting to warm up to Monty and will snuggle with him when it is his idea.  Monty is just happy to be accepted.
This is Mrs. Weenie.  Isn't she sweet?  I LURVE HER.  She is very feminine and lady-like, except when she is wrasling with Monty.  She is a really funny little dog; very attached to her Papa, and she likes to sit on the back of your neck.  Here she is with Monty's new Papa (my bro-in-law, Les) in the Big Chair:
When I said she is really attached to her Papa, I mean she is REALLY ATTACHED.  When Jim went out to the shop with Les, she went and lay down on the bag that had his clothes in it and she would not budge from it:
Snoopy cracks me up.  His legs are about 3" long and he weighs about 25lbs.  He is mostly deaf, but there is not a thing wrong with his eyes, by golly.  
We used a baby gate at the entrance to the hallway to block off access to the cats.  Snoopy spent 85% of his time standing guard at the gate, just waiting for one of the cats to make a break for it.  You could hear him saying in his little ping-pong ball sized brain, "I don't wanna eat 'em; I just wanna taste 'em."  The other 15% of his time was spent begging, making weird sounds, and farting.  Let me tell you, that dog can blister paint, OK?

We had a lovely dinner of fried chicken, mashed potatoes, corn, green beans, and gravy.  Karen and I were too full and too exhausted to clean off the table right away, so we retired to the living room with the men (and the dogs) to watch a little TV.  After a while I heard a noise that I thought was coming from the dining room, but I didn't think much of it because I knew that one of the cats had snuck out of the hallway a little earlier.  Karen caught my eye but we both shrugged it off.  A minute later we heard the unmistakable clink of silverware.  Figuring it was Miss Muffin, the cat, I hopped up and went into the dining room; we didn't pick up our chicken bones and we sure didn't want one of the cats to be chewing on them.  This is what I saw:
It was Snoopy up in the middle of the table, helping himself just as fine as you please!  Now, remember how I said that his legs are only about 3" long and that he weighs about 25lbs?  How the heck did this dog get up on the table?  And how did he do it TWICE??  YUP, twice.  The first time I didn't grab the camera, just him and the stupid chicken bones.  The second time, I snapped his picture before removing him from the table.

Added to the fun of the day was the big yucky bacon incident.  For some reason, it can be hard to make Papa and Jim understand that not all people food is good for little doggies.  Sometimes men think that women worry too much and blah, blah, blah, yadda, yadda, yadda.  So, to cut the story short, the men fed bacon to all the little doggies that were begging at breakfast time.  Skip forward about an hour.  Les is banging on my bedroom door, hollering something about Karen needing help and kept repeating the word POOP.  This got my attention.  Apparently, Mrs. Weenie and Monty were on the floor, wrasling.  Mrs. Weenie took off  running and Monty started after her, when all of the sudden FFBLORRRP - a big pile of runny poop fell out of Monty right onto the rug, and he didn't even notice.  Karen yelled for Les to GRAB HIM BEFORE HE DRAGS HIMSELF THROUGH IT!!  Needless to say, I was on runny poop duty for the rest of the day because the guys ran away and were very busy with very important stuff that required their utmost attention out in the shop all day.  Uh huh.  Buttheads.  Even Mrs. Weenie and Snoopy had the runs; they just managed to have theirs outside or on the linoleum; Bruiser was the only one that didn't suffer.  The men were lectured a lot throughout the day after that, and I really wanted to knock their heads together with the mop, but I restrained myself.  

Otherwise, everyone had a great time.



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